2nd meeting: the basics of German and French

For our second meeting we met each other again in our kitchen. We have both a very busy live and like to have a talk with each other in our common kitchen in our Studenthouse Lapinkaari.

We talked again about ourselves. We were talking why she decided to go to Finland next to the fact that her boyfriend is living here. She explained me that she already came a few time to Helsinki, Lapland  and some nice concerts during the summer here in Finland. She really likes Finnish people and found her boyfriend here. Not only the fact that her boyfriend is living her convinced her to come to Finland, but also because of the Education system here. Finland has one of the best eductionsystems in Europe and the world. This was also very important for her and her future carreer in the International business. We talked  about the experience for both of us and it was very nice and interesting to hear and see the differences between us a a student (degree student in the first year and exchange student from Belgium)

We decided learn each other some basics of  German and French:

je suis = Ich bin = minä olen =  I am
tu es = Du bist = sinä olet = you are
il/elle/on est = Er/Sie/Es ist = hän on = he/she/it is
nous sommes = Wir sind = me olemme =  we are
vous êtes = Ihr seid = te olette = you are (plural)
ils/elles sont = Sie sind = he ovat = they are
merci = Danke = kiitos = thanks
salut = Hallo = hei/moi/terve = hello

I already studied some German, but I liked it to repeat the stuff for me. The French accent of Madelyne is very good!

Written by: Guilio Simoens from Belgium


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