3) First Finnish Lesson

Time for our first Finnish language lesson!

Honestly, even though Saskia and I had already had two times our Basic of Finnish course, even the easiest things in Finnish seem truly difficult. To achieve the ability to count till ten took us (especially me) surprisingly long.

However, this meeting was very use- and helpful to get some first insights into the unique Finnish language and in combination with the Basic of Finnish course it should be easier to learn the language.

Listed below are some new words I have learnt:

  • kieli –> Language
  • vahan –> a bit
  • tosi vahan –> very little
  • vielä –> again
  • milloin –> when
  • nyt –> now
  • sen –> that
  • tässa/tämä –> this
  • nama –> these
  • pullon –> bottle
  • tehdä –> to do
  • paljon –> a lot
  • pitää –> to like

Besides the new words we also learnt some useful phrases like:

  • Tuleeko muuta? –> Do you get anything else?
  • Voitko tavata sen? –>Could you spell this please?
  • Se vaan tapahtui –> It just happened
  • Toistaisitko antexy –> Repeat please
  • En tieda/tiia –> I don’t know

We also discussed the typical Finnish wordlessness and laughed a lot about the curiosity that Finns get unexpectedly chatty in saunas, and their seemingly infinite love to licorice.

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