A catch-up

After a 2 week break Alex and I met again for coffee.  I have been away for my brothers wedding and had taken the opportunity that my trip home afforded me to introduce my friends here to some Scottish sweets.

I gave Alex some tablet to try which is made from sugar, condensed milk and butter it is then later infused with vanilla of whisky -in this case vanilla. As has been the common feedback with those that have tried it, it tastes a little like caramel.  Below is an example of what it looks like, this is not the actual one I brought back as that has all gone!


The conversation then moved to Alexs’ thesis work and the differences between Austrian and Scottish university education. The grading systems are different in Austria than to Scotland which are in turn different to Finland, needless to say upon my arrival here I was very confused as to the grading of my work.

Our next meeting will be meeting number 10 the minimum requirement for meetings. Hopefully we will have time to meet more often however between exams and thesis work I foresee this being difficult.

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