Probando el español. Settima riunione.

One afternoon in Moro Sky bar was another of our amazing meetings. Arianna and I have been in this place before, but with sun light or with snow. So, for us seeing a clear dark sky over the illuminated city of Tampere was a good experience to start our week and our talking. As in our previous meetings, talk with Ari is so refreshing and constructive, never get bored being with her.

Ari told me that where in Italy there are many places like this one where you could have a wonderful view accompanied for food or drinks, unluckily I can not remember for sure if my city we have places like this but I truly believe that in Mexico city there must be many as well.
After few minutes to talk about our weekends I tested Ari again. Nearly 30 minutes we were practicing Spanish! I know that she has been hearing Spanish quite often due to where she lives there are students from Spain, combined with Spanish speakers studying in TAMK, but I wantimagesed to her to speak more than hear. It was very useful, because we could get new vocabulary in both languages, and also correct the meaning of few words that are similar as “primo/ cugino” which means cousin in Spanish but in Italian means first (which is primero in Spanish). Thanks to that I could learn vocabulary about family. descarga-1
Starting again comparing Italy with Mexico, we are even more convinced that our countries are very similar in many aspects! I will survive easily in Italy! We discussed about the way family relationships are, and how do they affect in our lives or in our beliefs. Legal age is reached in both at 18 years old, but since get a job is complicated in these days most of us (young people) stay with our families until we have economy stability to live alone. I was surprised when she mentioned that there are also some women who decide to have children since 16 years old, even though I knew that there cases in other European countries, I didn’t expected to hear that apparently in Italy this happens in a similar way to Mexico.
Also when greeting, we usually kiss on the cheek (Italian give two) with people who we met before, and try to keep some personal space when meeting someone for first time. For us is weird to keep our personal bubble comparing it with our homes even when I find it somehow comfortable, I still miss hug and kiss my friends, so knowing that Italian do the same I could behave as normal with Ari!

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