4) Second German lesson

For today’s German lesson Saskia and I were prepared!

We met in advance and talked about what we want our “students” to learn. We came up with a 5 step schedule:

  1. Repetition of the last lesson and general question time for all the questions which might have occurred since we saw each other the last time.
  2. Asking for the time:

Wie Spät ist es? –>  What is the time?

And the appropriate answer to it e.g. Es ist viertel nach drei

  1. Introduce oneself and somebody else:

Ich heiße… –> My name is…

Ich bin… Jahre alt. –> I am … years old.

Ich studiere… –> I study…

Ich lebe in … –> I live in …

Ich spreche … –> I speak …

Everything from above also for talking about another person:

Das ist … –> This is …

Er/sie ist … Jahre alt. –> he /she is … years old.


  1. To order in a café:

Ich hätte gerne … –> I would like to have …

Wie viel kostet das? –> How much does it cost?

Bezahlen bitte. –> I would like to pay./ the bill please.

der Kaffee –> coffee

der Tee –> tea

der Kuchen –> cake

das Wasser –> water

die heiße Schokolade –> hot chocolate

  1. Talking about the weather

Wie ist das Wetter? –> How is the weather?

Die Sonne scheint. –> The sun is shining.

Es regnet. –> It is raining.

Es ist bewölkt. –> It is cloudy.

kalt –> cold

eiskalt –> ice cold (very useful in Finnland!!!)

schneien –> to snow

der Regen –> the rain

This was our plan for this meeting and as we finished with the last point our “students” seemed a bit tired.

This meet up was extremely productive and we tried to get the most out of our time. Now thinking back about the lesson, it was maybe a little bit too much information and topics in that short time.

To think about what to teach in advanced was very useful and I have the feeling that our “students” could also benefit from it, nevertheless for the next meeting five schedule points are maybe a little bit too much. Four are probably sufficient.

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