7. meeting at TAMK

This time, for our seventh meeting, we decided to meet at TAMK to have lunch together. Our schedules were busy, thus we see each other between classes. When we sat in one of the crowded tables of the main campus, we realized that it was the perfect occasion to talk about the food and our favorite dishes.

After taking the food, when we had everything on the table, I asked to Christina to say the words of the food we were eating:Resultado de imagen de food german spanish

Potatoe = Kartoffel = Patata
Carrot = Karotte = Zanahoria
Salad = Salat = Ensalada
Cheese = Käse = Queso

This was interesting due to the differences and usual use of them. I tried to pronounce them correctly, it was a funny way to teach each other.

Later, we talked for a while about the most typical dishes of our countries. Althought the popularity of the sausages (wurst) is not Christina’s favourite food, but it’s true that in Germany they have wide variety of them.

David and I love potatoe omelette and ham, typically Spanish. It was funny to explain the different ways to prepare and the ingredients you may add in the dishes.

After that, we mentioned that we liked Christmas holidays because of the good/special food we eat with the family and the nice environment. This way, we started talking about how is this time in our countries, this is, what we usually do.
For example, in the Basque Country on 24th of December we celebrate the Christmas night. We have dinner with the family and then, Olentzero is coming to give us the gifts. Santa Klaus does not exist in this area of Spain.

However, in Catalonia, they have caga tió, it’s a tradition to hit a piece of wood to make the wood produces gifts. This way, we could know a little bit more about our culture differences.

At the end, the meeting was perfect to talk about the food and our traditions, as well as, to forget our works and things to do. It was a easy and correct way to teach these issues and we all learnt during the lunch.





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