8th meeting!

Hola ☺️
We decided to meet at TOAS City this time, which is where I am living.
I asked her about the transportation in Mexico because here in Finland they almost only have busses and I wanted to know something about her country, and she told me that they have subway only in Mexico City and they use busses too, or taxi, which are both cheap! In Italy it is more expensive and it’s around 70€ to travel with trains for one month (but it depends on the distance you have to travel, you can pay even much more!).

Then we talked about families and this shocked me ahah 🙂 both in Mexico and in Italy it was more popular to have many children in the past than nowadays, but what shocked me is that her father has around 12 brothers/sisters and her mother has 6 sisters (Karla if you are reading this, I hope to remember correctly 😅)!! She told me that she has so many cusins that she didn’t even know two of them!! That’s crazy!! By the way, cusin in Spanish is “primo” and in Italian is “cugino” but “primo” in Italian means ‘first’ and when she was talking I didn’t understand if she was talking about primo as cusin or primo as first ahah it was funny but also confusing 😂

As we both love Christmas, we talked about gifts! And in Mexico it’s not so common to buy something for many people and they are non used to put gifts under the Christmas Tree! In Italy we do and it’s uncomfortable sometimes to buy something for many people but you feel bad if someone buys something to you and you don’t! And my Christmas Tree is always full of gifts (for other people, obviously ahah)!!

I really enjoy my time with Karla and we are almost at the end!! That’s a pity!

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