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Enjoying Lapland together!

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This time we enjoyed some time together on our trip to Lapland! We took a train from Tampere to Lapland and stayed there for some days! After arriving to our cozy apartment we headed to the Santa Claus Village! There we looked around and visited the reindeers and huskies! After that we decided to send eachothers a chirstmas post card from the Santa Claus Post Office. It was a lot of fun writting eachother a post card! I included some German Christmas wishes into their post cards and they wrote some Chinese sentences to wish me luck in the New Year! After that we met Santa Claus and made a picture with him, which was so much fun!

On our second day we walked through the forest near our apartment, enjoyed the cold weather and did a reindeer sleigh ride! We sat together on a sleigh and could even ride on our own!

Lastly on our last day we decided to visit the artikum museum and learn more about Lapland! I enjoyed the time together in the cold weather! It was an amazing experience!:)

The girls will stay in Tampere for one year but I will leave Tampere tomorrow! But we promise to visit eachother! Either me coming back to China again or them coming to Germany next year! I hope I can show you around! Hope to see you soon! I will miss you and thank you for the amazing time!

Gazpacho Andaluz. Seventh Meeting

This time I had no scape, though is Christmas time, a promise is a promise. It was time to cook. A very special and easy spanish dish is Gazpacho (Andaluz), because it’s originally from the south of Spain.

It was very popular during the after war times when people didn’t have much to eat. The main ingredients are: tomatoes, bread and a little bit of garlic.


Tomatoes – Tomaatti

Garlic – Valkosipuli

Cucumber – Kurkku

Bread – Leipä

First of all, we slice all the ingredients and we add 250ml of cold water plus 50ml of Jerez. We crush everything with the blender. After that we take everything through the strainer in a way that we keep every possible piece of peel or solids away. We put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to be served cold 🙂




Enjoying Chinese Food Together! (17/10/2016)

This is our fourth meeting, we decided to cook some Chinese dumplings. We met at Khassy’s apartment, she lives in the TOAS city and there is a big kitchen in the building to use. We bring some carrots, pork, and flour. Firstly, we put flour and water together, then make the dough into the “wrapper” of dumplings. Then cut carrots and pork, mixed them together. Just put those stuffs into dough, and make every shape you want.

We had so much fun while cooking. We talked a lot about Chinese and German food and we also talked about traditional events in our home country. Like in China, there is a beautiful love story called the Cowherd and Weaver Maid. But at that moment I forgot the name of this story. Because of this story, now it is a tradition to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day once a year on July 7th of the lunar calender.

Because it’s the first time for Khassy to make dumplings and I’m also not good at that, our dumplings have all kinds of special shapes. But those dumplings are still delicious. We really had great time with each other.





Winter clothing. Sith meeting.

Winter is coming, so we decided to take a walk around the city and while I was looking for some winter clothes we talked about the differences in winter between Finland and my city, Sevilla, in Spain.

First of all, I know now that winter “still” has not arrived to Tampere, but in Sevilla now is like… autum :).  To be prepared for that we looked for some winter clothing and talked about it.

Here are some of the new words we learnt!

Chaqueta – Takki

Zapatos – Kengät

Calcetines – Sukat

Bufanda – Huivi

Gorro – Hattu

Pantalones – Housut




This time we decided to go to the event that was organized by TAMKO, where we could do our own traditional finnish pastries : Joulutortut! We met there and started shaping the star shaped pastries that are mostly made around Christmas time. Then we added the delicious jam! While waiting for them to be ready we talked a lot about our own Christmas food. I learned that there is no traditional Christmas food in China since its not an official day that most of chinese people celebrate. But some do gift eachother an apple. Since Christmas Eve is translated as a safe night, an apple is translated as the fruit of being safe. This is the reason why some chinese people like to give an apple as an Christmas gift to friends! Some do also enjoy going to karaoke and spend time with friends.

It was very interesting to see the difference between the countries since Germany celebrates Christmas with the family, while enjoying traditional German food and giving eachother gifts.

After learning the months, we enjoyed the rest of the night and the warm and tasty Joulutortut!

English Chinese
January 一月
February 二月
March 三月
April 四月
May 五月
June 六月
July 七月
August 八月
September 九月
October 十月
November 十一月
December 十二月












Almost over! :(

We met this time at TAMK to go through all the things we had learned! While going through our notes we realized how many new words we had learned:

Ways of greeting, numbers, food names, colours, how to name days and so much more! We also realized how much time we spend together and talked about our experiences!

This time I learned how to call different persons:

English Chinese
Family 家庭
Father 爸爸
Mother 妈妈
Son 儿子
Daughter 女儿
Brother 兄弟
Sister 姐妹
Grandfather 爷爷(外公)
Grandmother 奶奶(外婆)
Aunt 阿姨
Uncle 叔叔
Teacher 老师
Classmate 同学
Friend 朋友
Doctor 医生
Police 警察
Driver 司机

But also how to call the weekdays in Chinese :

Monday 周一
Tuesday 周二
Wednesday 周三
Thursday 周四
Friday 周五
Saturday 周六
Sunday 周天

Tallin – Here we are!

We decided to go on a trip together to Tallin! We met at 4 am and took the Flixbus to Helsinki. From there we wanted to take the ferry to Tallin. But we couldn’t find the right place and ended up asking some people because we were so lost! We almost missed our ferry but thankfully we met a really nice guy that helped us getting there. After running to the ferry station, we got the ferry on the last minute! When we arrived in Tallin we headed to the old town. There we had a good time going around the city and buying a lot of souvenirs for our parents. Then we decided to eat something at a burger restaurant that looked like some some old american western bar. The food was so good and we liked the place so much, that we decided to stay there for some time to talk a little bit more with eachother! After that we also took a look into the city center outside of the old town and visited some popular clothing shops. We did a little bit of shopping and headed to the ferry station around 7 pm and then took the bus at 11 pm from Helsinki! We enjoyed walking from the ferry station to the bus station in Helsinki for one hour! Lastly we arrived at 1 am in Tampere!

Even though the trip was tiring, we had a great time together and it was a memorable experience since we almost didn’t got out ferry and had to run together!:D Good times haha! 😀


Cooking German Food!

On our fifth meeting we decided to meet at my place to cook some german meat balls with onion, smashed patatos and mustard. We began to do the meat malls by mixing bread, eggs and flavour together and added later the onions. Then we cooked and smashed the potatos with milk. While eating we decided to talk about funny chinese and german words that are weird to prounounce or have a funny meaning. For example a van is 面包车 in chinese which means bread car. Another example is 老板 which is supposed to mean boss but is translated as old board. In German the word WEICHEI is soft egg which is used to call someone who is a coward. It was fun to see how different the words are to their actual traslation.

We did really enjoyed eating and cooking together! Hopefully we can cook some day together again! 😀


Photo Tiiime!

This time we did some photos together at the mediapolis studio! I brought some German Christmas sweets like chocolate, cookies and cake. The girls enjoyed the sweets which made me really happy! We talked a lot about the different sweets that our contries have and realized how different they are. We also talked about German chocolate like MILKA or KINDER SCHOKOLADE.

We set everything up and started doing some photos with eachother! It was so much fun doing this photos together to remind ourselfs of this great experience!





Before going to our Finnish class, we decided to meet to learn some Chinese, German and Spanish colours!  We practiced the colours by searching some object in the room and by saying it’s colour! I found the pronouncation of the colours were very difficult, while the other girls found the German colour names easier because of their resemblance to Englisch numbers.

The colours we learned were:

English Chinese
Red 红色  
Blue 蓝色  
Black 黑色  
White 白色  
Yellow 黄色  
Green 绿色  
Orange 橙色  
Pink 粉色  
Rose 玫红色  
Brown 棕色  
Gray 灰色  
Purple 紫色