9th meeting!

Yesterday I wanted Karla to see a beautiful place for the first time, so we decided to go to the southern lake! I go there almost every month because it’s incredible to see how this place changes with seasons.

It was covered of snow and the first part of the lake was frozen! So we decided to try walking on it and here is a picture of Karla:img_0553

Frozen lakes in Spanish is “lagos congelados” and in Italian it can be “laghi congelati”, that’s so easy to remember ahah ☺️

We both love that peaceful place and we could stay there for hours listening to the sound of waves, it’s very relaxing. 😴

We talked about our families and if we miss them or not. It’s the first time that we stay far from our families for such a long period and she is missing her father and her grandfather mostly, while I miss more my mother grandmother. But even if we are here in Finland and they are in Italy and Mexico, we continue to fight with them anyway ahah that’s family ❤️

It has been a beautiful day and stepping on the ice it’s just amazing!

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