Confusing Learning of Number (07/10/2016)

So, our third meeting but the second course to learn some German and Chinese was in the main campus, there is a big room underground. All of us like this quite place with good environment. And I bring a Chinese knot to Khassy, it is a traditional gift which means lucky or happiness.


And we learn number today, there is a little bit different about the unit. For instance, in English or German, we formulate 10,000 as ten thousand, but in my country 10,000 is “万”, just one character. It’s a little bit confused but interesting.

Number English Chinese German
1 One Eins
2 Two Zwei
3 Three Drei
4 Four Vier
5 Five Funf
6 Six Sechs
7 Seven Sieben
8 Eight Ache
9 Nine Neun
10 Ten Zehn
11 Eleven 十一 Elf
12 Twelve 十二 Zwolf
13 Thirteen 十三 Dreizehn
100 Hundred 一百 Hundert
1000 Thousand 一千 Tausend

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