Stereotypes. Fifth meeting

This time was time to get deep down into the culture itself. The spanish culture. I was very interested in discussing about stereotypes. When you are a foreigner is very easy to identify some people with the “typical guy” image that you got in your country. But what about me, am I also a typical spanish? :).


We went this time to Fazer Cafe. And when talking to Aino about the spanish culture, you find out that everyone thinks the same: that we are happy people, social, friendly and passionate… and we do “siesta” (nap).

Though that´s not 100% true,  I find that in some situations we are a bit different from finns. Probably more social, outgoing and open.

Some words that I taught Aino:

Apasionados – Passionate

Salir – Dating

Fiestero – Party goer

Saleroso – Someone who is really likeable, has energy, positive attitude and fun. Also called “Party Soul”.



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