Hey everyone!

Karla and I decided to meet for the last time again at TOAS City.
While talking in Spanish and Italian, we realized that we both like our languages and we think that they are beautiful! And even though many people think that French is the most romantic language, Karla thinks Italian is even more romantic and I am so glad she said that! She wanted to go to Italy on Erasmus and it is always beautiful when someone is interested about your country!!

When we were talking about studying abroad, Karla told me that she studied for one month in Colorado! I asked her something about it and she said that everything was beautiful and the university was much better than the one in Mexico. I told her that I would like to study in the USA for my master degree but it’s not easy to be admitted but I will try anyway.

As we are almost at the end of our Erasmus in Tampere, we were talking about Finnish people and we said that they really care about health. They are brave and they face the cold to walk or run outside. In Italy and Mexico people is running mainly in parks, and in the streets you can see people running but in summer, in winter it is quite rare 😅 I told her that my teacher of marketing walks every day 5 km and, I know it’s bad to say, she is not so young anymore, but that’s really a beautiful thing if you don’t get bored ahahah

This Each One Teach One has been a great experience, I learnt a lot about Mexico and I could improve my Spanish! Thanks Karla, I will definitely visit Mexico one day ❤️

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