6)Third German lesson – Reading, Reading, Reading

Today’s German lesson was all about reading, to improve the understanding and pronunciation in German.

Unluckily Saskia was on a trip to St. Petersburg and therefore could not join us for this meeting. Therefore, I had the pleasure of teaching by my own. In preparation for this lesson I went to the library to get some German language books. I quickly went through them to find some easy German sections we could work on together.

To start the meeting, we quickly repeated everything we learnt so far. It took us only around 10 minutes as Mikka and Iina remembered most of the things.

After this short revision we started with the reading part.

The pronunciation and understanding were surprisingly good, there was really not a lot for me to correct and even when I was reading out loud a more difficult section they still could grasp the most important information out of it.

I honestly was surprised how well the reading and especially the pronunciation was.

I am really proud of our two students!


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