JAP/FIN 7th meeting, 18.11.

I don’t have much to say about this meeting. Partly because it’s already been two weeks since we had it and partly because we didn’t do anything special and stayed at the usual place, the TAMK main campus library. Topics we discussed were interesting nevertheless. Here are some things I learned:

買いに行かないといけない(kai ni ikanai to ikenai) = I have to buy…

Same can be expressed as 買わないと行かない(kawanai to ikanai)

現像(genzou) = developing(photographs for example)

移動中(いどうちゅう, idouchuu) = on the way(to somewhere)

三人しかいなかった (sannin shikainakatta) = there were only three people

We also talked about the word yappari, which is a very common word in the Japanese language. It can be translated to ‘I knew it!’ but can also be used to repeal something you have said before.

やっぱり好きじゃない (yappari sukijanai) = “maybe I don’t like it anymore”

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