Pasta alla montanara

For our eight meeting we went to Davide`s place and cooked a pasta dish called Pasta alla montanara. It`s pasta with mushrooms and bacon. It was nice to cook together and put all our mastercheff skills to the table 😉 During the dinner we talked abaut different pasta dishes in different cities in Italy, every town has some special pasta forms and dishes. We also talked abaut mine and Taru`s exchange plans where we wanna do our exchange. We only have  two meetings left and after that eoto is done, time has gone by so fast but we have had a lot of fun learning abaut finnish/italian 🙂

We learned words like

Mushroom: Il Fungo,

Bacon: La Pancetta

Cheese: Il Formaggio

Prepare: Preparare

Dish: Il Piatto

Pasta in the making  🙂


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