Christmas at Vapriikki

For the last meeting we decided to go to Vapriikki and wrap up this course. They had so many exhibitions including hockey-, stone&crystal-, Hurriganes and their basic exhibition abaut finnish animals and war history. It took us a while to go through all of it but it was fun 🙂 Since christmas is coming we talked abaut christmas traditions-, songs and movies. Couple of Italian comedy christmas movies which are called “cinepanettone” in italian.

natale alle bahamas
Natale a Miami
Natale a Rio

Only finnish christmas movies we could think of was Joulutarina and Joulupukki ja noitarumpu cause most the movies we watch are from USA. What comes to the christmas songs we had a lot of finnish songs which we told Davide but he said that they listen to Michael Buble for the most parts in christmas so we consider this even regarding our christmas movie/song knowledge 😉

Of course we had to talk abaut food for a bit too and in Italy they have this delicious  christmas cake called Panettone, I have tried this myself in Italy and can make sure its worth of trying!  During the course I think we all learned more things from our own and other culture than we even hoped for and I really recommend taking this course.

Grazie e Ciao 😉

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