Food time: 8th and 9th meeting

For  our 8th and 9th meeting we diceded finally to prepare our traditional plates. Firt the guys cook for me  a dish thats i can found in Netherlands and Germany. The Dutch and German dinner was the 5th of December at Sam place. They made for us “Frikadellen”  that is meat balls that could be served with many side dishes. They select to cook with  mashed potatoes and vegetables . They mention to me that it´s common to eat this of on Sunday night  with your family .


The recipe consist in 2 onions, you fried them until they are little dark. Then you took the 750g of minced meat and mixed it  with some salt and pepper. Later  you form with your hands sized balls with the meat and you fry them . While this is being cook you prepared the vegetable and mash potatoes . The dinner was awesome and i finish really full.

During the guys were cooking, the mention me important places from Germany and Netherdlands . They mention Berlin with the Berlin wall, Hamburg with the harbor and the famous Reeperbahn, the costs in the north, the Oktoberfest in Munich and the Neuschwanstein Castle. Sam then had a lot to say about the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

The 8th of December we met again for the Uruguayan food.  We made it in the Sam place because they are neighbors so i already knew the place. I decided to cook a typical Uruguayan desert called  “Salchichón de chocolate” that i used to prepared for my school festivals so for me was easy to prepared it. I tell them that we also eat it  Diego told us that at the birthdays or other festive events.

The first step to prepared it es to smash in a bag 300g of cookies. Then you put in a bowl 100g butter, 2 eggs, 100g of cocoa and 10 teaspoons of sugar added to that and you mix all the ingredient until you form Chocolate. Then you put the cookies and the chocolate must be sold.You put in the fridge to get it cold. I was happy with the result because the guys where enjoy it and because remind me to my country.


During i was cooking, I mention them important places from my country as:   la rambla (prominade), the palacio legislativo (parliament) and also “cabo Polonia” which is a small village where you can stay near to the sea without any lights, only with candles.

We have only one more meeting but we are happy because we have been learning much of the others in this meetings.

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