The end of this journey – 10 th meeting

 Yesterday finally we had our last meeting. We did it in the TAMK Cafeteria because we where busy with the end of the semester.

Our plan for this Foris to test our new skills in German-Dutch and Spanish. Each other ask questiosn and we answer about them. The results was really good but i feel i need to continue improving my skills in German-Dutch.  The guys were really helpful.

We come up with some advice about how we can continue learning more about the languages . We mention that could be useful to

-read “easy” books in the foreign language (maybe even children books to start)

-use language learning apps to work on the skills

-watch movies in the foreign language (start of with subtitles in your mother tongue)

-stay in contact with EOTO group via facebook/whatsapp/skype in case of questions

This is the end of this journey but for us is not a goodbye with the guys because we are going to continue helping in the improvement of the language.


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