02/12/2016 – 7th meeting Hungarian/French

For this 7th meeting at the beginning of January, we met in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This meeting was only with Tamas in the Santa Claus’ Village.

Tamas was also with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend so it was quite interesting to discuss with more Hungarian people. We went to see the reindeers together and after that, when talked at the campfire place. We discussed about how they live together in Hungary and about their habits. We also talked about my habits in France so Tamas’ brother and his girlfriend discovered how I live.

I just learnt few words about Lapland today:

 – Reindeers: rénszarvasok
– Santa Claus: Mikulás
– Sled dogs: szán kutyák
– Habits: szokások
– Snow: hó
– Lapland: Lappföld


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