10/12/2016 – 8th meeting Hungarian/French

It is already the 8th meeting and we are almost at the middle of December!

This meeting was one of my favourite! We met for Rebeka’s birthday on the 10th of December in the West of Tampere. We had a lot of fun at this meeting because we try to pronouce hard word and it was quite difficult for the three of us.

Furthermore, we played some games but in English this time, with other friends of Rebeka. We also played the ‘Twister’ for a long time. We met Rebeka’s Finish roomate who was really nice.

Some word that I learnt at this meeting:

  • game: játék
  • cake: torta
  • present: jelen
  • candle: gyertya
  • friends: barátok
  • roomate: szobatársa


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