10th Meeting – Spanish – German

On our 10th Spanish – German meeting we wanted to do something special which keeps in our minds for long time. Therefore, we decided to go to the Kissakahvila Purnauskis in Tampere. It was very close to the Toas City residence and we were so excited about it.

Sometimes I had a feeling I am back into my childhood, it was a very nice meeting atmosphere, the cats around us were so interesting that I almost forgot to say something in German. Davide and Eider asked me about German vocabulary like, cat – gato – Katze and Davide told something about his cat in Spain. He has a really huge cat, un gato grande or eine dicke Katze ( fat cat).

It was really funny, everyone ordered something. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, it was delicious, but Davides cappuccino looked better than mines, because it had a cat face made with cacao powder on the surface of the milk foam . Looked so amazing.

There were so many different cats and each more beautiful than the other. I prefered the sleeping cats and was a bit jalouse about their relaxed environment.

Thanks to Eider and Davide for the interesting and funny meetings. It was very interesting for me to hear the different spanish accents and dialects. I will continue with my spanish and improve the language as much as possible. I also hope that I could teach them some German and not only for short-term memory.





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