12/12/2016 – 10th meeting Hungarian/French

The last meeting, unfortunately!

We went to the café called ‘Olympia’ for our last meeting, close to Pinja :/ We didn’t really talk about a special topic but more about our personal life and differents subjects. Just as really good friends. In fact, thanks to Each One Teach One course, I have meet Tamas and Rebeka and they are so nice! We have become really closed after four months.

Tamas and Rebeka are unique. With them, I had the chance to discover a new country, Hungary. They explained everything about it.

At the end of the meeting, Rebeka told me that she will go in Erasmus in February in France. And I also told them that I have find an internship in Budapest, Hungary! So it is not the end of our friendship 😀 I hope that I will see Tamas and Rebeka in Budapest before that Rebeka leaves Hungary.

Thank you guys, it was such a great time with you ! <3


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