10. Meeting: Ice Skating

For my last Each one Teach one Meeting I again joined my sister and her Each one Teach one partner Eveliina. Thereby we decided to go ice skating, since me and my sister haven’t done it in Finland so far and thought that we had to take our last chance to do it. That’s why we met on the 18.12. in the afternoon and decided to go ice skating on a flooded football field close to the aleksanterin kirko in Tampere.

When we arrived at the ice skating place we were really eager to go on theice-skating ice, because the field was really big and I haven’t been ice skating for 2 years. However when we have rented our shoes at the TAMKO office me and my sister haven’t considered that there are any differences between the shoes. That is why we went for hockey shoes… this was a mistake. Eveliina explained to us that usually hockey shoes are more difficult to use. The reason for this is that the skid of hockey shoes is much shorter and doesn’t have brakes compared to the normal ones. Besides the edges are rounded down, so that you can easily fall on your back. So when we went on the ice for the first time with these shoes it was really difficult to be stable and don’t fall down immediately. However after some time on the ice I got more confident and could also skate faster. Nevertheless I once fell on the ice and another few times it was really close that I fell again. Yet my sister or Eveliina were always there to help me and it was really funny. Contrary to us Eveliinas ice skating skills were much better, because she could also skate backwards or do some small turns or pirouettes. As she told us the reason for this was that they had ice skating classes in school and also the parents are teaching their children how to ice skate already in a really young age. She described it that ice skating is like a “basic skill”.

While ice skating, we were all the time talking about different topics. At first we were speaking about school trips. In Germany it is usual that every 2 years the whole class is going on a weekly trip all together. For example I had been to a ski week, mediation week or graduation trip. Eveliina explained us that in comparison to Germany in Finland they usually only have day trips to different locations. This is really a pity, because it was always nice to go somewhere else with you friends and a lot of fun. In Germany we also have one day trips, but they are additional to the longer trips.

At the end we were also talking a little bit in German, because Eveliina had an exam on Monday and we tried to help her with her studies.

In a nutshell this was a really nice meeting and I again learned a lot of new things about the Finnish mentality and their behaviour, which was really interesting. Since this was my last meeting I have to say that I really liked the whole Each one Teach one concept, because it was really interesting to get to know a Finnish person better and to learn a lot of things about the culture and Finland itself, which you wouldn’t learn otherwise. That’s why this course effected my exchange semester in a positive way and I would gladly take it again if I would have the chance to the next time. It was also really nice to meet new people and I hope I will see them again soon.

See you!!


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