10. Meeting: Ice Skating

For our final meeting we went ice skating. Therefore we chose an ice field near Häämenkatu and the public library. Actually, at least in summer, this is a sports field, but in the winter it gets flooded with water which freezes to a field of ice. It is really nice that you can go there anytime you want and it is even for free and outside. That makes it in my opinion way better than going to the ice stadium to ice skate. Eveliina told us that she has already been there in school. There they learned ice skating in PE and had to practice to drive backwards and make turns. That’s why Eveliina is really good at ice skating. Compared to her I was so bad. In the beginning I thought that maybe I completely unlearned it, because I felt so unsteady. However after a while I got more used to it again and felt safer, but still once or twice during one round I was about to fall. Luckily either my sister or Eveliina were able to catch me. A reason for my clumsiness was maybe that I took ice skating shoes from TAMKO office (by the way that’s for free) which were especially designed for ice hockey. Therefore the skid was compared to normal ones much shorter and furthermore it was rounded. That means when your balance point was too far behind you immediately lost balance. Still it was a lot of fun but also quite exhausting so I got a  muscle ache the day after.

During ice skating we talked about a lot of things. One topic was about trips we had in school. Eveliina told us, that they mostly just had day trips to different places in Finland. However they don’t have longer trips. I think that’s a pity, because these longer trips were so much fun when I was in school. There we had a get-to-know-each-other week, meditation week, skiing week and a trip before the graduation. Furthermore we talked with her a bit in German so that she could practice speaking a bit, because she had a German exam on the next day. I hope we could help her to get more confident. I think she really knows much for the short time she learned the language.

To sum it up, I really enjoyed all the meetings we had. I learned so many interesting things about Finland’s culture and the people. Therefore it was a great experience and I really hope to meet Eveliina again!! However now it is time to go home J

Hey hey!!

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