9. Meeting

This time we, including my sister Natalie, met again at Eveliinas apartment to just relax, talk and eat cookies. At first we caught up on all the things that happened during the last few weeks in which we weren’t able to meet. So I showed her pictures from our time in Lapland. She hasn’t been there in the winter yet and therefore she was very impressed and said that she really wants to go there one day. Then she told us about her trip to Germany. She said that she visited Christmas Markets in Hamburg and that she really liked them, amongst others because in Germany the markets are so much bigger than Finnish ones and we have hot mulled wine called “Glühwein” to drink there.

Then Eveliina told us, that especially older Finns don’t have the need to travel to different countries and see more of the world. They just feel so happy with their life in Finland that they don’t have the need to see other (warmer) places. That was really surprising for me because I thought that they all want to go on holiday in the south to enjoy the sun and warm weather.

Furthermore we talked about some differences between Finland and Germany. One of them is the safety. I am living in Munich which is a quite big city and therefore some crimes take place. In the night, after the club, I always feel uncomfortable to go home alone and therefore always have a friend to accompany me. However in Finland I feel much safer. Eveliina also said that she feels really safe there and usually isn’t worried when she has to go home at night, especially in the summer when it is already bright when she gets back home. I imagine that so funny, that it is bright nearly all the time. Like Eveliina summed it up very well, in winter there is all the bad stuff like university, the cold and darkness, but in summer everyone really enjoys life and during this time they also have three months of holiday.

Another difference can be seen by taking a look at the traffic situation. In Finland also on the main streets there are nearly never traffic jams. Even in big cities like Helsinki the situation isn’t that different. Compared to that in Germany traffic jams are everywhere, doesn’t matter if you are in a small town or in a big city, however in cities like Munich the situation is especially bad. Therefore the underground is especially during evening rush hour traffic the fastest way to get from one place to another.

The meeting was over fast and it was nice as always.

See you. Nähdään!

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