9. Meeting: Talk and chill

Since my Each one Teach one group has already finished I went together with my sister Katrin to her Each one Teach one partner Eveliina, so that I will be able to complete the 10 meetings required for this course. We met at her apartment on the 14.12 in the evening and had a really nice time with a lot of interesting discussions.

While eating cookies we at first talked about our last weeks, because my sister and I have been in Lapland and Eveliina in Germany. She was in Hamburg for some days and really liked it, especially the Christmas markets with the typical German mulled wine. Afterwards we told her about our trip to Lapland and about our adventures there. Eveliina has also been to Lapland once, but during summer, that’s why she was really interested to hear about our narrations.

Afterwards we were talking about the travel behaviour of Finnish people. Eveliina explained us that some Finnish people, usually older ones are not really eager to get to know new people and cultures. Instead they prefer to stay home, because they are simply not so interested and are so happy with their own country. According to Eveliina you can also feel it with for example exchange students that they are not so open to them. However I think it always depends on the person, because I have met some really nice Finnish people, who also seem interested in different cultures and countries.

Another issue we were discussing about were the differences between Germany and Finland. The reason for this was that we now have been in Finland for more than 4 months and through this could see the differences better. One big disparity is the safety. Finland for example is known to be really safe compared to the most countries of the world. Eveliina also told us that she is for example never afraid, when she is walking home alone in the night. Germany is also considered a really safe country; however I wouldn’t walk home alone in Munich, the city where I study. The reason for this is that especially around the central station many weird people are walking around and it is always better to have a companion in the night. Eveliina for example also told us that her parents have been a little bit scared for her when she visited Germany, because it is not as safe and peaceful as in Finland. Another difference was the car and driving issue. A big distinction thereby was the speed limit. In Germany there is nearly no limit on highways. However in Finland the limit is at 120 km/h. In Addition there are much more traffic jams in Germany also during the day. In Finland the traffic jams nearly only develop during rush hour, which I think would be really pleasant.

In the end we were talking a little bit more about the difficulty of understanding each other even though you are not speaking in your mother tongue. Thereby we came to the conclusion that even with our good knowledge in English it is sometimes difficult to understand each other in the right way or make jokes. It is just not the same. Especially if the languages are not as common as English for example Finnish or German.

This was a comfortable and interesting meeting again.


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