1. Meeting: Meeting at Mediapolis at the library


We meet at Mediapolis campus in library. It was really good I think. Because we had big group and We could share a lot of things. We had five person: me, Satu, Julia, Thu, Gael. We were Finnish, German and Turkish group. I didn’t know my group members before. I was very exiciting and curios for know each other so we start to getting know each other. We want to learn about Finland culture and Germany culture so we start to discuss about the culture of Finland and some about the culture of Germany. Satu also talked about the Finland, Finland culture, Finland vs. Sweden ice hockey culture. That it’s almost mandatory to hate the swedish people if they win Finnish people at hockey. I asked and learned some words and question in this meeting. It was easy words and I wondering these. We talked about our learning plan. What we should, What you want… Firs meeting was really good I think. We learned little bit about each other.

Finnish → English ← German

Mitä kuuluu?  → How are you? ← Wie geht es ihnen?

Hyvää → Good  ← Gut

Kyllä → Yes  ← Ja

Ei → No  ← Nein

Anteeksi → Sorry  ← Entschuldigung

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