4. Meeting: Coffee at the Center of Tampere at Pella’s coffeehouse


We met coffeehouse. I don’t like coffee including Turkish coffee. But I try to get used. We talked about how expensive it is in Finland compared to Germany and also the weather in general. I talked about my country weather. Summer is hot, winter is cold in my country. It depends on where you live. Everypeople ask me. Is there any snow in winter? It happened like this again. Then we talked how it is so light in the summer that the sun never goes down, and how dark can it actually get in Finland. Because we were wondering. We talked and discuss weather differences. I want to come back in Summer. I really wondering. Also I learned some words about weather.

Finnish → English ← German

Aurinko → Sun  ←   Sonne

Kevät → Spring   ←  Frühling

Kesä  → Summer  ←  Sommer

syksy  → Autumn ←  Herbst

talvi  → Winter ← Winter

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