9. Meeting: Coffee again at Pella’s coffeehouse


We went to at Pella’s coffeehouse again. We liked this place and outside was cold. Finland is cold everytime. We talked about Lapland and the SantaClaus. I told you that the “real” SantaClaus lives at Rovaniemi in Lapland. We also talked about how cold it is in lapland. Some of them were thinking about to go to Lapland. They were good informations fort them. And I learned that Finnish people has some like home place in Lapland. Like cottage. I asked some Finnish words. Then I learned them.

Finnish → English

Näkemiin! → Good-bye!

Varo! → Be careful!

Kuinka vanha olet? → How old are you?

Oli mukava tavata. →  It was nice to meet you.

Kahvia → coffee

Vettä → water

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