Finnish way. Eight Meeting

At this time I already realise that my finnish level won’t grow that much, at least for this year. I’m totally unable of maintain a proper conversation, so I’m still focused on learning more and more words, and more about the culture itself.

So we just hang out for a coffee and discuss things this time like growing up in Spain vs. Finland, and how are the relationships between parents and sons and also how it is to go living alone.

Here are some new words on the topic:

Ayuda/Subsidio/Paga – (That’s how I would define Kela)

Independencia – Independence – Itsenäisyys

Familia – Family – Perhe

Padres – Padres – Vanhemmat

Piso –  Apartment – Huoneisto

For me is surprising how much support young people has here to study and from there living alone since a very young age. Though I think is great, I disagree sometimes when I see people that clearly aren’t doing anything and still being supported by their country.

In Spain on the contrary is quite hard to study and living alone at a young age if you don’t have a good job also, that’s why many people go live on their own past 25, which is excessive. And also they stay attached to their families so much. But again, culture differences, and not everyone is the same. I am more into the finnish side I guess 🙂


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