Photo Time! (20/11/2016)

img_9140This time we met at Mediapolis, Khassy has her interesting homework to make photos of different tongues. So Xulei and I decided to ”provide” our own tongues to be ”models” of her photography. That sounds a little bit weird but we really had the wonderful time together. Khassy looks very professional to use those photographic facilities, she took a lot of photos with different lighting intensity to make shadow. And I’m also interested in photographing so I asked Khassy to teach me how to use those stuffs. Then after finishing her homework, they became my models to let me take photos for them.

Khassy brought some German Christmas sweets like chocolate, cookies and cake. I really love sweets, they are very delicious. We also talked about different sweets in our countries, like KINDER chocolates in Germany, BIG WHITE RABBIT in China. I still remember I love eating Kinder eggs when I was a child, because there are little toys in the egg.

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Those snacks are very delicious, For me, it was a great experience to be a photographer.

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