Eight meeting

I feel like every time i see Jose we end up chatting for so long that there is no time to do anything else. It’s good tho that we click so good that it’s so easy to just hangout and learn more about each others cultures. I feel like i learn more about my own all the time. There are many things that come up and i haven’t even thought that they are so different from other countries until we talk about them.

One of the things were about young people moving out from their parents house. I moved when i was in high school . I was 16 and felt like it was a maybe a bit young to live on my own. I feel like the average age is about  20 and 25 top! Jose told that the guys don’t move out until they find someone to move in with and start a family. It does save money but in Finland if you are a guy (let’s say 30)  and on a date you would say that you are living with your mom it would mean that something has gone wrong because you are not providing for yourself already. (So Spanish guys can take this as a dating tip: don’t tell you are still living at your parents house in Finland) joke joke…. i do like that they are more close to their families 🙂

Some words along the way that we talked about:

Independencia  – Itsenäisyys

Familia – Perhe

Padres  – Vanhemmat

Piso – Huoneisto




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