Epilogue: How life flows

The following day on 28th of October, Note day – not morning. Or better say late afternoon…

We experienced a heavy lag due to the Octoberfest. Curious though how your thoughts become extremely vivid while the rest of your body is going really really slow.


After some obligatory hangover pizza and hangover shover and 5 pints of water we were sitting on the sofa and started to thing what’s the meaning of all this? How can such headache be generated? How many Buranas do we have to take?


Answer to the two latter one are easier: 4 buranas per person and hedace became of drinking too much. But the first one is a more difficult one to answer.


Can God exist since He allows such pian and agony to occur? Or is it man that self inflicts his own agony by acting foolishly? (In this case i believe the latter one…)


Well at this point the last of tabus are boroken – fire me if you may! I believe that religion is everyones personal topic and as long as it doesn’t go to fanatic extreme it’s very much ok. No matter if you believe in Christian God, Allah, Jahve, Brahman, Natural deities or wether you are an agnostic or atheist.


Never the less we had a very good discussion about the religion. It perhaps is a world beyod reach of ration and science – if it even exists – so it’s extremely difficult to approach in normal set of mind. But we weren’t in a normal set of mind. Maybe a chanel was open – more then SubTV showing junk cartoons.


We were pondering that maybe all religions are ultimately right… maybe they are merely adaptions of the same profound eternal wisdom just fitted to the context of language and cultural circumsdances available at the very moments of historical line.


The evolution theory in which I as an educated scientist belive in maybe is not in a controversy with the story of creation – they are rather different angels to the topic. Perhaps there is life after death maybe not – who knows for there are few  returning to witness it. And I sincerely recommend not trying to do it by drinking…


Is there heaven and hell or is hell just returing back to earth for a new circle of life? Why did I drink so much last night?


Is it ultimately so that the deeper you see in the assumed spiritual realms the more profoundly and succesfully you can live also in the material universe… And ultimately is your body the temple in which you have come to serve other people and live in harmony with the rich multitude setting of religions, cultures and nationalities…

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