Going out in Finland!. Ninth Meeting.

This time we discussed about something that really shocks me as a spanish. The culture shock I got the first time when I went out in Finland. When I first came here, I was told that in Finland people usually drinks a little more in some cases, and that they are usually more shy.

That’s ok I thought, we also drink in Spain, there’s nothing bad to that. Well, what kept my attention when going out with finns is the way they approach it. While I am used to go from bar to bar asking for drinks and food mostly, they tell me that here they like to just sit and drink with their friens, nothing more, and in some cases maybe too much.

Then Aino explained me how cultural that is here in Finland, and how sometimes the cold weather and the darkness can make you feel a little bit shy and lonely.

Some new words:

Drinks – Bebida – Juomat

Drunk – Borracho – Humalassa

Party – Fiesta – Bileet

Weekend – Fin de semana – Viikonloppu

Friends – Amigos – Ystävät

Alcohol – Alcohol – Alkoholi

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