JAP/FIN 8th meeting, 20.1.

After a long break with the meetings we got back to EOTO and once again met on a Friday afternoon at the school library. My Advanced Japanese course had just started the day before and Nao’s Finnish studies continue as well. We talked about comparing things, which was the topic of my this year’s first Japanese lesson. Sentences like ‘x is bigger/smaller that x’. In Japanese it is very simple but Finnish – of course – has some irregularities. Anyway, these are the expressions I learned this time:

大阪のほうへ(Oosaka nohou e) = “To the direction of Osaka”

ゆっくり話してくれますか(yukkuri hanashite kuremasuka) = “Could you speak slower?”

ゆっくりしてね(yukkurishite ne) = “Make yourself at home”

せいかつがくるしい(seikatsu ga kurushii) = “life is painful” but understood as “I don’t have money”

We also talked about karaoke, movies, summer jobs and other things. We agreed that we would both write a short “essay” about our winter holidays, me in Japanese and Nao in Finnish. Next time we’ll check them and make possible corrections.

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