[Finnish/German] 1st meeting: Pella’s cafe


This is Michelle, an exchange student from Breda in the Netherlands. Originally, I am from Niederwerth (Germany), a small river island between Cologne and Frankfurt.
Due to the unbearably hot winter temperatures in Germany and the Netherlands, I decided to do a semester exchange in Tampere – you can imagine how happy I was to find myself in a -20° environment during the first week (*irony off*).

Just like at my home institution, I am following International Business and Tourism courses at TAMK. In addition to the ‘Basics of Finnish’ class, I chose to participate in the Each One Teach One course to learn more about the Finnish culture.
My lovely partner, Reetta, now has the pleasure to teach me everything about the peculiarities of the Finnish people.

This morning we had our first meeting at Pella’s cafe. The purpose was primarily to enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and to get to know each other. We talked about our interests, previous stays abroad and our objectives and goals for this course.
Reetta told me that she did a semester exchange in Vienna (Austria) and that she hopes to improve her German (especially the pronunciation) during our meetings. In contrast, I am rather interested in learning about the Finnish culture and possibly a few useful phrases since we rather learn the written language than the colloquial one during the ‘Basics of Finnish’ course.
At the end, we decided upon a few practical matters, e.g. when and where to meet. We chose to meet on a weekly basis for the upcoming 10 weeks and to arrange each date from meeting to meeting.

So much for this week. Hope you all have a good Monday.
Nähdään! Michelle

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