Dame un Cafe

The first meeting went really good. I met all of my three group members in Finlayson at Cafe Pala. We had scheduled an hour meeting and the time went by quite fast while we got to know each other. In my group there are two finnish girls besides me and one guy from Uruquay. We all got along right from the start which was nice.

First session was all about sorting out our Spanish and Finnish skills, what is our knowlegde level and what are our goals for this course and meetings (we started with as simple as ”hola” and ”moi”). Even though we had much to talk about, we still got to learn some spanish words/sentences like cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and como estas (how are you) And we taught how to say yes (kyllä) and no (ei) in finnish.

My group seems really cool and my expectations for these meetings are nothing but good!


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