Meeting #1

We had our first meeting yesterday. We met at Finlayson PalaCafe and talked little about ourselves. Diego is teaching Spanish to us three girls Ella (left up corner), me (left down corner) and Minttu (right) and we are teaching Diego some Finnish. Girls of our group don’t have much experience in Spanish and our goals are pretty similar. Okay, maybe my goals were bit higher but i’m starting to think that I was bit too ambitious… Diego actually already knew some finnish words, but he wants to learn more basics. We had only an hour to meet so we didn’t have much time to learn yet. We planned our schedule and decided to share our personal plans to eachother in onedrive before the next meeting. That’s how we can take all the good ideas from everyone and make perfect plan for our group.   WhatsApp Image 2017-01-30 at 17.42.24                                                                                      Here is an awful picture of us. Someone else is doing photographing next time, sorry guys…

-Emilia Vanhala

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