A culinary experience!


Gareth and I met up in town, where we decided to go shopping for everything that we might need.

We had already pre-decided what we were going to make. I decided I would make him the danish style Cinnamon roll, in danish “Kanelsnegl”, (Danes love cinnamon rolls!!!!!) and I had already gotten word that I would be trying out a Spanish sandwich.

I was excited to see how the sandwich would be different from the ones I make myself in Denmark and boy was I blown away.

The suttle taste of Aioli mixed with tomato, lettuce, ham, egg mayo and salt was absolutely delicious and it was the first time I had ever liked a sandwich with tomatos in it.

Luckily it seemed as if Gareth also liked the danish Cinnamon rolls that he had been craving ever since he first visited his other friends in Denmark!

Can’t wait for the next culinary experience!

Danish Cinnamon rolls and Spanish Sandwiches
Danish Cinnamon rolls and Spanish Sandwiches

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