Cinnamon Buns and White Doves

For our second meeting, Nicolai and I decided to meet in the centre as I was already there due to helping my exchange student with some bank issues.

We had agreed that we would make each other food this time, at Nicolai’s place. When I went to Copenhagen last summer, my friend picked me up from the hotel where I stayed one night and handed me the biggest cinnamon bun (Kanelsnegl!) I had ever seen. I enjoyed every bite and was delighted that Nicolai was going to make some Danish cinnamon buns.

On the other hand, I decided to make him a “Blanca Paloma” (white dove). A sandwich from my favourite place to eat in my hometown. It consists of ciabatta bread, ham, turkey, aioli, mayonnaise, tomato, cheese, lettuce and egg! It’s a nice delicious sandwich that always makes you want more.

Next time we make food; it will be difficult to top it.

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