First Meeting in SOLU

Our first meeting was conducted in Solu, the building of the student union in TAMK. Students’ favourite place to chill!

As we both mentioned in the preliminary plan, we wanted to start things off with how to greet each other in Spain and Denmark. The way we did it was we first put everything in English and then translated it into our respective languages. Pronunciation in Danish is quite challenging, but I already knew that. On the other hand, Nicolai pronounces Spanish quite well :).

Spanish (Español)                   English (Inglés/Engelsk)                                   Danish (Dansk)

Hola                                            Hello                                                                     Hej

Buenos dias                               Good day                                                             Goddag

Buenos dias                               Good morning                                                    Godmorgen

Buenas tardes                           Good afternoon                                                 God eftermiddag

Buenas tardes                           Good evening                                                     God aften

¿Quieres comer?                     Do you want to eat?                                          Er du sulten?

¿Hola, como estas?                 Hey, how are you?                                             Hey, hvordan har du det?

¿Que tal?                                  How is it going?                                                  Hvordan går det?

Adios                                          Good bye                                                             Farvel

Hasta pronto                            See you soon                                                      Vi ses snart


Nicolai mentioned that meeting and greeting in Denmark is actually quite similar to Spain. I thought that it would have been just a hand shake between both sexes all the time. Funny to learn how most of the greetings in Danish derive from English, so it was quite easy for me to understand them.

Gareth Hunter

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