Mallashovi Meeting

As it is the most popular student bar in Tampere, we have chosen Mallashovi for our first „Each One Teach One“ meeting. We are a group of three German girls (Sina, Celina and me – Heide) and one Mexican girl: Fernanda. With four beers we had a really good start in the course. Fernanda will teach us Spanish and we will teach her German in exchange. First we talked a little bit of what we are expecting from the course, then we made our plan together. Afterwards we started with the basics, like introducing ourselves („Me llamo Heide.“) or asking how the other ones feel („Cómo estás?“). After practicing the language our talk changed to cultural topics by accident. Fernanda told about prejudices of her country, the relationship between Mexico and the USA, safety, traditional drinks and how proud she is to be a Mexican. We Germans are from very different parts of Germany: Bremen, Munic and Magdeburg. During we were talking, we noticed that there are differences inside of Germany depending on which part you are living in. I also realized that the biggest challenge will be teaching the German pronunciation. Letter-combinations like „ch“ or „sch“ which are totally normal for us as a native speaker are really hard to get for foreign people.

To my mind we had a really good and also interesting start in the course. I wouldn’t have informed myself about daily life in Mexico before. But now, as I got a slight insight in this foreign country, I feel really curious about it. I’m looking really forward to the upcoming meetings, getting to know more Spanish words and information about Mexico. Each One Teach One is not just good for getting to know others countries, but also for thinking about your own origins and culture.

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