Sibling languages trying to learn from each other.

Finnish and Hungarian are sibling languages so this should be easy right!

I wouldn’t say so. Our first meeting was at my place were we got to know each other and little about the language we were trying to learn. I learned that I was the real newbie here. Compared to these two lovely ladies Helga and Melinda, I haven’t ever said even a single word of Hungarian. So the first meeting was almost all about me trying (now remember trying) to learn the alphabet.

Hungarian alphabet has 45 letters and they are hard to pronounce. Especially for a Finn because some letters you have to smile. Like a lot. Now that’s unnatural for us. Most of the time Helga was telling me “YOU HAVE TO SMILE MORE!” and i tried to cringe my pretty mouth into a smile. After an hour or two I finally got most of them right and we moved to numbers.

(There would be a picture here with all the alphabet and numbers that I learned but the whole picture seemed to have only 4 pixels so it was unreadable.)

Numbers were a lot easier to get and I hadn’t too much trouble pronouncing them (maybe because I learned to smile more).  After this we challenged ourselves to a game of torpedo! Or laivanupotus in Finnish.

Spoiler alert: I won.

I’m really looking forward to our next meeting! Learning Hungarian was way more challenging and as fun as I have predicted.



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