Speak Finnish!

I am learning a wonderful language, the Finnish language. My mother tongue is Hungarian so my task is ‘easy’. They have quite a lot of similarities!

At our first meeting, we were at Oula’s place. Helga and I were teaching him to our alphabet at first and then the numbers. Slowly but surely we succesfully went through everything.

With this knowledge, we could play sinking the ship – [fi] laivanupotus [hu] torpedó. I had a  tough opponent.
Words, that I had to use: osui [hit] | huti [miss] | osui ja upposi [hit an sink].

I have started learning Finnish before, I would like to practice speaking it. We had a coversation with Oula in Finnish at the meeting. Mostly, he was asking questions and I was trying to answer as well as I could. If there was something that I didn’t know how to say, Oula was a great help and corrected me or told the word that should be used in the sentence.

I enoyed our first meeting and looking forward to the next one!

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