Spontaneous online meeting

Initially we planned on doing the meeting at solu after our school finished, but as both of us were pretty tired and me specifically starving, we decided to have our meeting on Discord. (The application similar to skype described in the first post).

We tried having a look at slang in both our respective countries and started by picking up a few English sentences we then would try and translate into what would make the most sense in our languages.

I had thought about it before going to this topic but translation proved to be a bit difficult. When translating sentences and specifically slang and other sentences alike you are not able to translate it directly as it will lose its meaning. Furthermore, we in Denmark use many English words so a lot of them are completely the same, but I tried translating into what I believed would be the closest equivalent in Danish.

Here is a list of the words:

Spanish                                                English                                                                  Danish

Vale                                                       Alright/ok/fine                                                  Ok/ I orden

¡Venga, vale!                                     Alright, fine!                                                       Ok, Fint!

Que vá, tío                                          No way, man                                                      Det kan ikke passe

Tío/tía                                                   Bro/Sis (Normally means uncle/auntie)   Makker

¡Venga ya, hombre!                        Come on, man!                                                 Kom nu, mand!

Buenas o ’nas                                    What’s up                                                            Hva så?

Pasta                                                     Money                                                                 Penge

Ven pa’ca                                            Come over here                                                Kom herover

Ser buena gente                               To be a cool guy                                                At være sej/fed

Ser un coñazo                                     To be a pain in the ass                                   At være irriterende

Estar en pelotas                                To be naked                                                      At være nøgen

Chulo                                                     Cool.                                                                     Fedt/sejt
Practicing and and learning these new words have for me been rather easy. Not easy in the way that I’ll remember them all, but easy when it comes to pronunciation. I have always had a knack for languages and this seems to carry on for Spanish as well.
Gareth is doing good on pronounciation in my opinion. I have tried teaching many people few bits and pieces before and I teach my girlfriend every now and then as well, but Gareth seems to trump her when it comes to being the better at pronouncing the tricky Danish words!

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