Our first meeting at Mallashovi

First: Who are we? Our EOTO group consists of four girls. Heide, Celina and I are from Germany and we want to learn Spanish. And the fourth of our group is Fernanda from Mexico and she wants learn German. So we, the girls from Germany, help Fernanda to learn the German language, something about the cultures and what is good German food. In contrast Fernanda teaches us Spanish and tells something about her home country.

Our first meeting was in the Mallashovi Bar. We drank some beers and talk about our plans for the next meetings. After that we started with the basics, like introducing ourselves, salutation or the question about the condition.

Me llamo Sina – I am Sina

Mi nomble es Sina – My name is Sina

Saludos – Greetings

Hola – Hello

Cómo estás? – How are you?

Later we talked about the personal pronoun and about the pronunciation. Here we realized that the German language is very hard for foreign people. But I think we will still have problems, too.

After some beers, we change from the language stuff to how is the life in Mexico. Fernando told us why she is proud to be a Mexican, something about the safety in her country and how is the relationship between Mexico and the USA.

I am already looking forward to the next meeting with the nice girls 🙂






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