Wolves and Dragons: First meeting on 19th February 2017

Hello everybody!


I am Johanna, a first year social services student from TAMK. I applied to this EOTO course because I want to improve my English skills and meet people from different cultures. I got paired with a Chinese man Yu. I am quite excited because, I have to confess, I don’t know that much about China. So I am looking forward to learn more about Chinese culture, traditions and history.

Our first meeting took place at Cafe Europa. Because Yu have lived in Finland for a couple of years, I wanted to test his knowledge about Finland. I asked him questions like ”Who is the president of Finland?”, ”What is the national animal of Finland?” and ”When the Winter war was fought between Finland and Soviet Union?”.  The quiz also included tasks like name the cities/places/products.

After the quiz we started to discuss ourselves, studies, food, animals etc… Yu already know how to count in Finnish, he also knows weekdays and can introduce himself in Finnish. So this time I taught him how to order a coffee, how to ask how much something costs and how to buy a train/bus ticket. So we started with very basic things.


On the next meeting Yu is going to teach me Chinese history. So I am looking forward to meet him next Friday!


– Johanna

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