A cozy afternoon with the EOTO girls :)

A few days earlier we had our second EOTO meeting in the a very cozy café in Lapinkaari which named Lapinniemen Ansari. I drunk a very delicious hot chocolate and ate an apple muffin. Let’s talk about the meeting and not about food.

First we have a bit of small talk about different things. After this we taught each other the numbers and we, the German girls, realized how difficult it is to learn the German numbers. I think in most countries you read the numbers like the English way, but in Germany you read the last number first. This is a little bit confusing but Fernanda did a great job 🙂 In contrast, it was not so easy for me to learn the Spanish numbers, because of the pronunciation.Later we talked about the weekdays and which days are special. For example, in Mexico is the whole sunday a family day. In Germany, it is similar but not so strict.Besides Fernanda told us something about her family name and how you get this. It is normal, that you have in Mexico two surnames.

Our next meeting is in two weeks and then we want to cook German or Mexican food. I’m looking forward to it


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