First lesson

So, Maria and I made our first Each One Teach One meeting and it made so much fun.

First of all, Maria is going to teach me Spanish in exchange I am going to teach her German. I am already able to speak Spanish a bit and I really would like to improve it.

In our pre-session, we already planned our meetings and prepared some stuff for the upcoming lessons.

We made our first meeting in the residence because we are staying at the same place. I prepared a short presentation for her that she can go throw by her own and is able to study the German introduction. She was really good we also started with the German numbers. Unfortunately, I have to say that the presentation was a bit to funny and therefore Maria was not to focused. The next time I will just use paper pencil that she is more focused.

After that we switched and Maria prepared for me a small test because she wanted to know how good I am in Spanish. The test was challenging but I think she got a pretty good view about my knowledge. After that we repeated some vocabulary and went over my mistakes. For me it was really hard and I found out the I lost a lot of my vocabulary but I was impressed how fast I was able to remember the vocabulary again.

I am really looking forward to the next lesson.


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