Second spanish teaching meeting.

In my hometown, I have not many chances to know people around the world, ¡i have not even left my home country in my life before coming to Finland! So, I really like the chance that I have to help people understand other language and all the culture that it becomes.

In the last meeting, we had chance to keep practicing the speaking part of the course, as I could be noticed, it is an excellent idea for those who want to practice their skills listen to a conversation between two people in a different language, in this way, we have the chance to talk slowly, repeat some words that somebody does not know and also, take the opportunity to talk about alcohol and holidays in the three countries.

On the other hand, if we’re talking in English, suddenly y ask for the members to repeat what they just said, but in Spanish, so that we can have a feedback. If there’s some word, verb or anything that is missing in the conversation, I help them to put it in the correct order. This time we learned about some holidays and alcohol facts in Tampere and in the Netherlands.

At the same time, I keep practicing my English skills to communicate with other people.

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